Pre Colombia Music

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Pre Colombia Music

Ancient Music of Native America

Experience the primitive ways and life. Cross the threshold of time and join multitudes of our ancestors as they celebrate the joys of raw nature. Drift through emerald forests in search of enchanted places.

Primeval instruments - flutes, drums, ocarinas, clay flutes & wild exotic percussion guide you to this timeless realm on a wondrous journey of discovery, mysticism and magic.

This is the music of the Maya, the Inca, the Toltec, the Aztec and many other ancient american cultures. Drift back to a time of simplicity and power.

Enjoy the sonic pleasures of our own primitive heritage.

Tracks MP3 Length
1. Pre Colombia click to listen to audio sample 5:29
2. Eagle Feathers click to listen to audio sample 7:21
3. Oxaca 4:37
4. Tatita 1:35
5. Bamboo click to listen to audio sample 4:48
6. Lake Atitlan 4:23
7. Sacred Places 3:18
8. Danto 4:30
9. Fire Dance click to listen to audio sample 5:15
10. Tlaloc 4:02
11. Night Spirit click to listen to audio sample 4:59
12. Healing Ceremony 4:27
13. Deep Jungles 2:24